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2014 Retrochallenge Winter Warmup – Initial Post

For the 2014 Retrochallenge Competition Winter Warmup, I have queued three projects with the goal of completing at least one of them. Each of the proposed tasks is meant to be easier than the previous so that if an impeneratrable barrier of possibility is encountered, I can don a parachute and jump to the next.

  • Have fun with Briel Computer’s A2MP3 card and Apple II RWTS – Not that the Apple world needs another way to transfer disk images to/from modern devices, but I would like to write a program for the Apple II that will transfer a disk image from a physical floppy to a USB thumb-drive mounted on an unmodified A2MP3 card. Then – there and back again.
  • Retro Super Bowl Sunday – Reverse engineer and alter the American football team/player data for the Apple II game program “Super Sunday” (currently contains teams from 1966-1981) to contain 2013 season teams, players, and statistics. Then simulate the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII once the teams are decided.
  • Aquarius Tape Library – Create a personal cassette tape library of the games available for the tragic Mattel Aquarius home computer.

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