Retrochallenge, Retrochallenge 2016/01

STTR1 Instructions


Here are the instructions for the 1972 Star Trek text game as found(*) in STTR1’s BASIC listing.

(*) Modified from strictly upper case

<*> Enterprise
+++ Klingon
>!< Starbase
* Star

Command 0 = Warp Engine Control

‘Course’ is a  circular numerical vector arrangement as shown. Integer and real values may be used. Therefore course 1.5 is half way between 1 and 2.

    4     3     2
      \   ^   /
        \ ^ /
  5 ------------- 1
        / ^ \
      /   ^   \
    6     7     8

     C O U R S E

A vector of 9 is undefined, but values may approach 9.

One ‘warp factor’ is the size of one quadrant. Therefore to get from quadrant 6,5 to 5,5 you would use course 3, warp factor 1.

Command 1 = Short Range Sensor Scan

Prints the quadrant you are currently in, including stars, Klingons, starbases, and the Enterprise; along with other pertinate information.

Command 2 = Long Range Sensor Scan

Shows conditions in space for one quadrant on each side of the Enterprise in the middle of the scan. The scan is coded in the form XXX, where the units digit is the number of stars, the tens digit is the number of starbases, and the hundreds digit is the number of Klingons.

Command 3 = Phaser Control

Allows you to destroy the Klingons by hitting him with suitably large numbers of energy units to deplete his shield power. Keep in mind that when you shoot at him, he gonna do it to you too.

Command  4 = Photon Torpedo Control

Course is the same as used in Warp Engine Control. If you hit the Klingon, he is destroyed and cannot fire back at you. If you miss, he will shoot his phasers at you.

Note: The Library Computer (Command 7) has an option to compute torpedo trajectory for you (Option 2).

Command 5 = Shield Control

Defines number of energy units to be assigned to shields. Energy is taken from the total ship’s energy.

Command 6 = Damage Control Report

Gives state of repairs of all devices. A state of repair less than zero shows that the device is temporarily damaged.

Command 7 = Library Computer

The library computer contains the three options:

Option 0 = Cumulative Galactic Record

Shows computer memory of the results of all previous long range sensor scans.

Option 1 = Status Report

Shows number of Klingons, stardates, and starbases left.

Option 2 = Photon Torpedo Data

Gives trajectory and distance between the Enterprise and all Klingons in your quadrant.