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Retrochallenge 2016/01: Final Post

(This is part six of the chronicle of my Retrochallenge 2016/01 submission, which is to port some classic Star Trek text games to the Mattel Aquarius. To jump to the beginning, go here.)


For the final week of this year’s Retrochallenge, I worked on creating STTR2. This is an embellished port of STTR1 taking some advantage of the modest capabilities of the Mattel/Radofin Aquarius.

To get to this point, I took the code for my “straight” port of STTR1 and completely re-factored the BASIC code to make it more structured. Next was to change any code that PRINTED to use relocatable, colored text and use the Aquarius’ graphic text characters to make grids, etc.

Sadly the project is incomplete for the purposes of challenge. There is no sound. It exceeds my target 16K RAM, and is slower than an ASR-33 teletype terminal. (The video above is running in an emulator with max speed enabled). But it was very fun to get this far.

Retrochallenge 2016/01 Epilogue

Well, I fell a little short for my challenge. I did not port Super Star Trek like I had originally planned and therefore ported STTR1 to the Aquarius instead of Super Star Trek. In retrospect I’m fine with it. I find STTR1 to be simple and enjoyable. The Trek games that followed added perhaps needless complexity.

What I was successful with was learning a ton about a game that I initially knew very little about. I have heard revering stories of the game from programmers who got an earlier start in computers than I did. I was also successful in learning more about the Aquarius and the great efforts of its enthusiasts.

Thanks, Retrochallenge!